What type of office environment best suits a healthcare company of traveling nurses and physical therapists who are always in the field caring for the needs of others? That was the challenge presented by the active exhuberant owner of A.T.Home Care. With only a small administrative staff needing full time offices, it wasn’t about space but amenities to create a welcoming, spirited workspace to reinvigorate nurses, therapists and sales staff returning to tackle the paperwork required after long days in the field. The right design should make it more enjoyable and serve as a valuable recruiting tool in the competitive nursing market.
The 2nd floor office was located on a vibrant primarily retail avenue with specialty shops, restaurants, a movie theatre, banks, dry cleaners in a lighted-filled space above a coffee shop and roaster. Running household errands and caffeine for a quick boost of energy was no problem. Still, the office had to be a place worth coming home to. The final design was an open floor plan with comfortable leather chairs, sofas, wide screen tv,surround sound, a fully stocked kitchen,custom designed perimeter work stations around a stainless steel and birch ply center island nurses task center. A classic pool table was outfiited with a custom aluminum cover to double duty as a conference table and buffet for many meetings, open houses and company parties.