What started as a request to fabricate a small metal sign, led to some great “WORK”.
Having just returned from career-building agency stints from New York to California, hometown advertising wunderkind Work Labs needed a home befitting their success creating great advertising with factory efficiency and hired gun accuracy.
Re-establishing their home and office from the West Coast back amidst the gentile mansions of Richmond Virginia, on one of the world’s most beautiful avenues, they challenged their architect to transform the first floor of a classic Southern home into a reflection of the company’s brand. The real challenge was bringing the architect’s vision off the page and literally onto floors and walls. Stained concrete, aniline-dyed chip board, stainless steel, raw steel plate, pipe and flame/acid force rusted sheets? That was left coast modern and not too familiar to most fabricators then but the design remains current many years later, a testament to the genius of the architect. The office was recently nominated locally in a contest for “best office space” and not so surprisingly is the architect’s current office (3North).
Collaborating produced superior results which are still a source of pride and many thanks are owed to everyone.
It was a lot of long nights reading drawings, long days manipulating wood and metal while riding a caffeine fueled roller coaster learning curve, but this project established a foundation for creative, inspiring collaboration every client now receives.

©Lee Bauer Photography