A client recently made some changes in her company’s direction and needed a new look for its offices to reflect a new name, new personnel  and exciting new opportunities moving her company forward.

A full service branding company, EPIPHANY added new account managers, an in-house graphics department and an expanded pool of designers, creating a need for more private work spaces for head designers as well as a communal work area for team members and a conference space that could be closed off for privacy when needed.

The challenge was in creating distinct areas of separation while retaining the openness and natural light of the original floor plan.  Additionally,  an atmosphere of collaboration between designers and managers required easy accessibility and “open doorways”.   Further, the in-house design team also functions as a free agency and takes on outside clients. The exterior wall separations and public areas need to reflect the overall personality and creativity of the parent company, while the interior offices of the in house graphics team needed to imply a certain freedom and autonomy. Finally, it was the desire of the company principal to include original lighting and finishes but maintain a tight reign on costs. The company is growing quickly and anticipates needing more space before many of the expenditures of the renovations would be fully recouped. As a solution, all walls were built to float on the current floor and can be dismantled and moved to a new location.