How do you take an emerging menswear company with a successful online presence and translate it into a solid “brick and mortar” brand experience?
A lot of creative hard work and the ability to teach an old [barn] new tricks.
Initially, the menswear line Ledbury functioned from offices which served as everything from headquarters and showroom, to photo studio, stockroom and fulfillment warehouse as well as ad hoc storefront.
Located in an old tobacco warehouse district in the distinctly charming Southern city of Richmond, Virginia Ledbury had a great space from which to build. But to do so we had to go back to the beginning and revisit CEO Paul Trible’s centuries-old family farm where he and Co-Founder Paul Watson developed their first collection of shirting. Since then the farm has become an integral part of their branding.
Online, Ledbury carefully curated and graphically nurtured the brand to a level where customers expected that same experience when they stopped by to shop in person.
We collaborated with Ledbury, Order-Design Co. and Killer Junk Studios to develop a truly exceptional Ledbury branded store.

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